Varitile Bond7A traditional and attractive roof with timeless effect

Bond7 provides traditional beavertail clay tile aesthetics without the concerns of heavy weight and tile breakage. 

Seven pans combine in a single panel, thereby providing maximum coverage and reducing labor expense.



Minimum pitch 2/12  [10°]
Maximum pitch Vertical  [90°]
Size - overall* 52.36"x16.34"  [1330x415mm]
Size - cover* 50"x14.57"  [1270x370mm]
Gauge of steel** 26 gauge ZA [0,45mm]
Tiles per square* 19.77 pc [2,13 tiles/m²]
Weight per square* 131 pounds   [6,4kg/m²]
Weight per tile* 6.61 pounds [3,0kg]


    * The measurements  may vary slightly by the finish that is added to the panel. 
    ** Steel thickness according to the EN 10346.


Standard stone chip colors


additional color options

Install guides

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