Varitile GalloClassy villa appearance

Gallo emulates the soft, stylish rooflines reminiscent of southern European estates. 

As with all Varitile profiles, our steel tiles provide lightweight strength and durability uncharacteristic of traditional roofing materials.


Minimum pitch 3/12  [14°]
Maximum pitch Vertical  [90°]
Size - overall* 51.77"x16.46"  [1315x415mm]
Size - cover* 46.65"x14.57"  [1185x370mm]
Gauge of steel** 26 gauge ZA [0,45mm]
Tiles per square* 21.19 pc [2,28 tiles/m²]
Weight per square* 140 pounds   [6,8kg]
Weight per tile* 6.61 pounds [3,0kg]


    * The measurements  may vary slightly by the finish that is added to the panel. 
    ** Steel thickness according to the EN 10346.

Standard stone chip colors

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