About us

Varitile offers lightweight and durable roof panels for residential or functional buildings.  Our roofing components made exclusively from high protected steel, covered with a wide range of finishes.

Company profile

'We are a family company' is more than just a tagline, it has been the philosophical underpinning of our company since its inception in 1997.  Building lasting relationships with employees...

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Mission & Vision

Mission By developing high-quality products for our business partners and their customers, we make a valuable contribution to housing and building projects worldwide and indirectly to the...

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Production & testing

Many people are unfamiliar with stone-coated and painted metal tiles.  Our world-class production facility is showcased in this brief video below.  Please take a moment to see part of...

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Environmental responsibility

As an industry leader, it is imperative we take into account the broader economic, environmental and social impact of our operations. We subscribe to the following principles in our pursuit...

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