Varitile Woodshake*Inspired by classic wooden roofs with  the strength of steel

Woodshake panels create the visual appeal of traditional wooden shakes. 

They will not split, warp or burn. Enhanced shadow lines and visual contrasts are combined with lightweight, long-life steel.

* Not available in US, Canada and Mexico



Minimum pitch 3/12  [14°]
Maximum pitch Vertical  [90°]
Size - overall* 52.56"x16.34"  [1335x415mm]
Size - cover* 49.61"x14.57"  [1260x370mm]
Gauge of steel** 26 gauge ZA [0,45mm]
Tiles per square* 19.92 pc [2,15 tiles/m²]
Weight per square* 132 pounds   [6,4kg/m²]
Weight per tile* 6.61 pounds [3,0kg]


    * The measurements  may vary slightly by the finish that is added to the panel. 
    ** Steel thickness according to the EN 10346.

Standard stone chip colors

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