Production and Quality control

Many people are unfamiliar with stone-coated and painted metal tiles.  Our world-class production facility is showcased in this brief video below.  Please take a moment to see part of the reason we are excited about our company.



Our production facility is one of the most sophisticated in the world.  The teamwork between our technical and production groups has resulted in many automated systems.  These systems are not just responsible for production speed, they also ensure the consistent quality of our finished goods.

Producing a coated metal tile involves four basic steps. 

1. metal forming
2. coating
3. curing
4. warehousing

Metal department

Large coils of Zinc-Aluminium steel are shipped into the factory.  The coils are cut and formed into roof tiles and accessories.

Coating department

The newly formed pieces are sent from the metal department to the coating department.  Here they are coated with either high-grade roof paint, or coated in basecoat and covered in stone chips.

Curing department

The newly coated pieces are then transferred to large ovens where they are baked until the coatings are fully cured and stable.


All the cured parts and pieces are then palletized, wrapped, labeled and prepared for shipping.


We employ full time professionals whose sole responsibility is testing and auditing our production process and materials.  Adherence to strict guidelines maintains our foremost level of quality.



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