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Varitile provides reliable, cost-effective metal roof products and accessories wherever you need them. Around the world, we are present in more then 80 countries.  We have an extensive network of Business Partners in the entire territory. This experienced staff of professionals is committed to provide the project owner with superior service and support.

Our products can be seen in Northern countries with winters at average temperatures of -25°C to Northern African countries with temperatures up to 50°C.  This proves that our products can stands extreme colds as well as extreme warmths. This area difference also reflects in the fact our products can stand a huge amount of snow accumulated during winter, but also resists the UV rays from the sun.  Also our introduction into the US shows that our products are also an excellent roof solution in high velocity huricane zones (HVHZ). 

The Manufacturing plant is established in Tongeren, Belgium and is responsible for the manufacturing of high quality products and also for the overall support in Technical, Logistics, Marketing, Sales,... of all business partners over the world.

Our business partners provide locally comprehensive sales, marketing and technical services to their network of distributors or installers, as well as to architects, specifiers, consultants and building owners.

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